Details, Details, Details

Crowley’s Classroom Etiquette

Earning a college degree is an endeavor that is preparing you for a future in a professional workplace. I expect you to display those qualities of professionalism in my classroom. No cell phone usage unless otherwise directed, no social media unless otherwise directed. Learn your learning style in this class; it will help you throughout the rest of the semester.

Learning Outcomes

LO1 – You will understand how media messages are created and for what purposes.

LO2 – You will gain basic level skills in

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Editing
  • Audio
  • Teamwork

LO3 – You will be able to articulate why you created what you created and the reasons for your creative choices.

Grades and Assignments

  • AP Stylebook quizzes (pop quizzes)
  • Image Project
  • Audio Project
  • Video Project
  • Journalism project
  • Advertising Project
  • Puzzle Project
  • Mid Term
  • WordPress Site (Final)

Final projects will be judged by professors in the Conservatory and MCOM and will be screened at the Alamo or the Bright Box. This is an accomplishment you can highlight on your resume and your portfolio.


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