Narrow the topic

Watch and be impressed. 

Main Idea:

  • Summary of the story
  • What you would say to a friend to summarize the plot of the story, as if it were a movie
  • NOT too broad & NOT too narrow
  • The overall idea of the story
  • Just enough information to get what the story is about
  • What the author wants to the reader to know about the subject
  • It helps you make sense of the story
  • It could be used as a topic sentence or thesis statement
  • The focus of the story

Narrow Idea:

  • Details about the main idea
  • Gives descriptive information from the story
  • Describes something in the story
  • Helps us visualize part of the story
  • Not enough information to get the whole story
  • It could be a fact from the story
  • Makes you want to know more
  • One single part of the overall subject
  • A specific idea or concept in the story
  • Describes something that happened or what someone did

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