Group assignment

Life is a group project.

Take the topic you are given and do the following:

  • You will give us an overview of the topic.
    • Feel free to interview people one campus on what they think your topic means
  • What are the well-known moments in this topic? Or best examples of the topic?
  • What are the vocabulary words we need to know?
  • Who are the thought leaders in this area?
  • What is it that we need to do to keep up with this area?
  • If I wanted to work in this area what would I need to know? Where could I work?

Imagine that you are teaching someone from Mars. What do they need to know. They are not stupid so don’t dumb it down but educate them about what these terms mean.

You need to include videos, links, one Videolicious of what you think about this topic.


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