Thinking for visual storytelling

What does it mean to think visually.

“How does a picture story differ from a collection of pictures on a topic?

A picture story has a theme. Not only are the individual pictures in the story about one subject, but they also help to support one central point”

Let’s look at what a powerful image can do. 

Let’s look at the different camera angles and what they can evoke in the viewer. 

This is for video but it also works here

Places2Faces assignment.

  • The first photo should establish the location of your story – what does it look like? color? texture? geography? architecture?
  • The second photo should establish a face that is central to your story – who lives/works/exists here? what do they look like? how does the place show in their face?
  • The third photo should fill the place with some faces – interior? movement? uses of the space? how full? empty?
  • The fourth photo should show your face in the place – shift the focus. how do faces interact with the place? how do the faces reflect the place? the place the face?

All four images need complete captions – including all identifying information, contact info and in complete sentences. You can crop and tone these as appropriate, as well.

If you want another presentation on this assignment, take a look at this piece Mark wrote for PBS on how we use this assignment. May give you some more background or ideas.


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