What did your media diet tell you about you?

Crowley’s Media Weekend


5:ish = Project Runway on my 60 inch TV – fast forwarded 1 hour to the runway show. Ate celary and humus while I watched it. Joe is on the phone with work.

6:ish = Joe is done with work for now. Watch old episodes of Open Court on NBA TV. Joe and I pause a lot to talk about the upcoming basketball season and Joe teaches me about old-time basketball. Realize I am not a Shaq fan. Joe and I discuss the why for about 45 minutes.

7ish = listen to NPR while making dinner (salmon stuffed with crab – yum). The world is going crazy. Story on Syria makes me cry. Joe and I talk about our day (Anyone get that Seinfeld joke?)


Nothing for entertainment all day – worked at Vickers talking about what we are doing for the studio.

Listen to NRR on my way home “Fresh Air” with Terri Goss. She was interviewing Wes Craven, horror movie director. I’m not big into gore but it was interesting (Wes Craven just died a week or so ago)

Get home around 4 and Joe is done for the day – (See Seinfeld clip) We then get ready and go to BPG’s house for party. Hang out with friends until about 10 p.m. Go to IHop and have a veggie omelet. More talking about what we want to do on Saturday. Go home and watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica (The one where Sharon blows up the water supply). Go to bed and read book about John Steinbeck.


Wake up late (9:30). Hit radio and listen to NPR. Get dressed and walk the dog together. Come back, feed dog and leave to visit AJ at the horse stables. Pick her up and go to lunch at Applebee’s (Collage football is on every TV screen.) We visit for a while and have lunch. We go back to the stables and played with the horses until 4 p.m. Went home and watched the last two episodes of Tyrant. Took a nap. Woke up around 7:30. Read HOUZZ on the internet while Joe watched NBA TV. Went to bed around 10:30 read Voyager from Outlander Series.


Feeling like a cleaning day. Listen to NPR in the early morning (9 a.m.) until it makes me sad. Then I turn on my MP3 list of all Steely Dan all the time. (One of my favorite bands and one of the fav songs Dirty Work)

This goes on for hours and hours. Break for lunch and discussion of what we might do to the kitchen. (I love to remodel) Called my mother.

About 6 p.m. we are bushed – what do we want to veg out to? Bond, James Bond. We watch the Blu-ray of Quantum of Solace. (I think my favorite of all of the Daniel Craig Bonds)


More cleaning.

Went out and looked at chairs and tables. (I’m creating a new reading nook in my house.)

Found a chair on mega-sale.

2520126-T107-374-recliner-1 Products-La-Z-Boy-Color-916028-M

Always looking for a better place to read and write and create.

Some reading (An Everlasting Meal) Joe had to get on the phone for work at 8 p.m. so I just went to bed and read.

I have thought a lot about my media diet since I did one of these in college in 1988. In some ways not much has changed. I do surf the Internet but I think Facebook is the devil. Joe tells me about what he sees sometimes. I think I need to watch less TV and spend more time making things – writing or making art. I don’t need more reading time – I can always have more reading time but I need to spend more time making.

Can't beleive If you think reading is boringkeep-calm-and-read-books-90-257x300There-are-worse-crimes


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