This week on MCOM 101 . . .

What are we doing this semester? (and the best path to an A) 

Getting to know your media diet (and what it says about you.)

Do I really have to buy the books? (Short answer is yes.)

But first a word from a sponsor:

It is important to have lots of cultural grounding to be able to tell a story and to be able to satirize or parody something.  What is the difference between satire and parody and which is this example?

We have an answer for that

See? easy.

So here is the question of the day . . .

Why make media? What good does it do? 

It has a lot to do with why you are in this class. Think about it.

For Thursday’s class read the following:

How my media diet is killing me.

And use it to answer the following question (based on what you learn about this guy)

“What would you leave out – and why?” Do a better job than he does.


Start to get to know the books

“Why do we choose the spiritually, emotionally, and physically demanding work of brining new objects into the world with creativity and skill?”


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